This page offers an overview on IR of JOKWANG I.L.I.


This page offers an overview on IR of JOKWANG I.L.I.

Business management

Recognition of priority values. Realization of fair allocation. Business management based on a humanitarian organization. Maximization of shareholder value.

A world-class technology of unique value. Rising to the technological challenge in a competitive world. Valuing creativity and autonomy.

Proactive management in a drastically changing environment. Proactive response to changes. Valuing customer satisfaction.

Estalblishment of a corporate-wide network Supply of practical information

Business concept

Customer concept
  • Establishment of a zero defect rate system
  • Establishment of a complete after-sales management system
  • Establishment of an efficient product delivery system
Product concept
  • Improved quality of existing products
  • Accumulation of design techniques
  • Establishment of a standardized work system
  • Focus on the production of large valves and valves for high pressure differentials
Competition concept
  • Differentiation from other products, as proven by the grand prize in 'safe equipment' awarded
  • Selected as the first ever manufacturer of protective devices in Korea
  • Prevention of leakages with a double-blocking structure in the plug and seat design
  • Absolute price competitiveness with low cost of goods sold
  • Only Korean company to manufacture special valves for high pressure (100K or higher)
  • A world-class facility for function testing

Business strategy

Creative management centered around values
  • Recruitment and fostering of highly skilled talent
  • Continued R&D through alliances with academia
  • Increased value of the company's brand through patents at home and abroad
Business management focusing on profitability and substance

  • A focus on the production of automatic control valves for large pressure differentials
  • Accumulation of design techniques
  • Diversification of new businesses
  • Certification for the development of high pressure, high temperature safety valves and ASME qualification
  • Business projects focusing on high value-added items
  • Maximization of shareholder value
Forward-looking business management for global marketing

  • Development of markets at home and abroad
  • Gathering and application of practical information through participation in prestigious expos and seminars
  • Joint marketing through strategic alliances